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The skin on your face receives plenty of exposure. In fact, your face probably gets more show time than any other part of your body. Harmful UV rays, environmental pollutants, weather exposure and the general wear and tear associated with aging all wreck havoc on the skin on this very delicate area of the body. So it must be properly protected to keep it youthful, healthy and vibrant for as long as possible - and yes that includes men as well as women.

Putting your best face forward starts with a healthy facial skin care regiment. Pampering your skin doesn't need to take a lot of time, but investing a little time and care is necessary for glowing, healthy skin. Using Merle Norman facial skin care products will help in preventing your skin from becoming damaged by all the environmental effects.

Basics of good skin care are the following:

Cleansing: The face should be cleansed in the morning and evening. Cleansing removes all the days impurities and cleanses the pores. Merle Norman has products for every skin type which include Normal/Dry, Normal/Oily, Sensitive, and Acne Prone Skin.

Toning: Toning should be a step that that is not forgotten. Toners are used for the skin to clean off excess impurities on the skin left from cleansers and excess oils. Merle Norman has excellent toners to meet all your needs.

Moisturizing: Moisturizers are designed to reduce water loss from the epidermis. They are also a barrier for dirt which helps with improving the appearance of the skin. Merle Norman takes pride in offering top of the line moisturizers some with SPF to combat the suns dangerous effects on the skin as well as combating fine lines and wrinkles. skincareimg2

Treatments: Due to environmental effects on the skin treatments are excesses to keep the skin looking younger and healthier. Treatments are needed for special concerns such as refining pores, combating fine lines and wrinkles, deep cleaning, evening skin tones etc. Merle Norman offers treatments that help these needs.

Let us help you meet all those challenging concerns.

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